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Google AdWords (recently rebranded as Google Ads) credentials are not only evident from the impressive return on investment we deliver for our clients, they are also endorsed by Google. When we talk return on investment, we are talking quantifiable value to your business, whether that is online sales, more leads, or any other bottom line metric.

We’re not just another “AdWords management” agency – we have a very specific approach to our campaigns. As with all things, it begins with extensive research and data. This helps us ensure that Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the right channel for you and your business goals.

Built on a platform of research and market analysis, we build a roadmap tailored to your business objectives and market conditions. We then execute a Google Ads campaign that we continue to tinker with and develop through our optimisation and analytical technology. This begins a never-ending process of testing and iterating on campaigns, always learning and improving to make them go further. Ensuring we are always generating the highest return possible on your marketing investment.

Our Approach

At BlendUs Media , we have a team of highly technical Google Adwords experts who have managed a variety of PPC campaigns. From search ads to display, youtube, google shopping and re-marketing, they have done it all. When we work with a client to develop strategic Google ad campaigns, we take an in-depth look at all parts of your business to create a guaranteed solution to get you results

Our 3 Step Process

Step 1 - Auditing
Our team will perform an in-depth PPC audit and analysis of your current strategy. We will use this information to determine your channel selection and build out your campaign strategy.
Step 2 - Launching
Next, we will launch your campaign and begin measuring the results. With testing and continuous improvements, your campaign will go through many iterations to become highly effective.
Step 3 - Optimising
As we continue to optimize your campaign and implement feedback, you’ll pull ahead of your competition. And with PPC, more results means more money in your pocket.

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