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Let’s face it, it’s no longer 1993. The “wow” aspect of a website simply does not exist any longer. The only thing that will “wow” visitors these days is a strong message, useful content and clean functionality, not just an electronic version of your brochure.

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Why should you choose us?

We design eCommerce websites that are optimised to convert visitors into customers.

A visitor’s first impression of your website and decision to stay or go takes only 50 milliseconds.

Is your website leaving you behind your competitors?

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Website Design Matters

Do you judge a book by its cover? Odds are good that your customers do, too. The first impression created by your website might be the one chance to tell clients who you are and what you can do for them. If that first impression isn’t a favourable one or if it’s confusing in any way, you risk losing your audience.

First impressions count

A visitor just needs 50 milliseconds to develop an opinion about your website and decide whether or not to stay. However, we recognise that each company’s demands are unique. That’s why we work with you every step of the way to create a completely responsive website that reflects your ideas, vision, and values. What’s the end result? A final product that exemplifies your company’s greatest qualities.

Design, driven by data

Get more insights with a data driven online solution. Conversion rates that are low? Bounce rates that are too high? Is your website loading slowly? These are some of the obvious indicators that a website isn’t well-optimized and that it’s time to start again. We can assist you figure out why your existing website isn’t converting visitors into leads at BlendUs Media. After all, the purpose of a website is to generate these kinds of transactions.

Build for performance

Don’t risk losing money by having a website that isn’t well-optimized.
Our websites aren’t just functional; they’re designed to help you develop your company. A website is your company’s online headquarters in today’s digitally driven world, and when done correctly, it may enhance the performance of all your marketing platforms.
That’s why, when it comes to web design, we take a comprehensive approach, relying on a solid platform like WordPress, utilising the finest practises, and staying on top of the newest developments that may affect your site.

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We believe your brand can sing – And the WORLD should hear it.

Every adventure begins with a storey, and we’d love to hear yours. We have experience in all aspects, from design to functionality, hosting, and maintenance, in addition to web development.

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